As a longtime Tennessee Titans fan dating back to the Houston Oilers days, I’ve decided to put my sports knowledge and perspective on display for other fans to read.

How Did I Become a Titans Fan?

It’s kind of a funny story actually. I remember being a kid and being kind of into football, but really into pro wrestling. One Christmas, “Santa” brought me two wrestling buddies. One was Ted Dibiase and the other was…Warren Moon?

buddy doll

As a kid, I tried explaining to my mom that I didn’t know who the other buddy doll was. So that was the first exposure to anything Oilers. The photo above is not my actual buddy doll, it’s what I found on the internet. Looking back, I’m still resentful a bit at my mom for selling this at a yard sale.

The Tecmo Super Bowl Era


Remember playing Tecmo Super Bowl? I loved this game. I became more into football and a close friend of mine began explaining it to me and getting me interested. In the early 1990s, the teams to be on those Tecmo Super Bowl games were either the Dallas Cowboys or the Buffalo Bills. I picked the Cowboys a lot because that was my friends team. Most of my family was Cowboy fans, but I did have people trying to persuade me of which team to like.

One day, I decided to pick the Houston Oilers because I was tired of picking the Cowboys, I think? Or because my friend selected them before I did. I couldn’t tell you, to be honest. Either way, I loved playing with the Oilers! I learned the names of great players and I began  to like the team. But nobody liked the Oilers – at least where I was.

My Grandparents made a strong push for me to like either the Dallas Cowboys (they converted my room to a Dallas Cowboys room) or the San Francisco 49ers. My uncle is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so because I looked up to him, the Steelers were nearly my favorite team.

I would watch Houston Oilers game here and there, but back then there was no NFL Sunday Ticket – and if there was, we couldn’t have afforded it anyway. Then they moved to Tennessee and by that time, I was following football a lot more. I liked both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans. Although I kept up with the Buccaneers, I knew who my team truly was.

Anyone who knows me knows I bleed Titans blue. I study the team. I follow them through the ups and downs. My patience has been tested over the years. I can honestly say the birth of my son has mellowed me out on Sundays, because the old me used to get pretty rowdy.


Either way, I hope if you read this, you like and share the content. Please – I can’t stress this enough – leave comments, suggestions, and any feedback. I love to hear other opinions on anything Titans.

Titan Up!

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