Titans Take: It’s August!

Tennessee is Buzzing and the Titans are Looking Good

Titan Fans! It’s been a while since my last post, but a lot has happened. The final week of July was eventful. Deals were signed, Training Camp kicked off, and pads are popping! Below are my takes on some of the latest Titans news/topics over the past week.

Casey a Titan For Life

My favorite defensive player will be a Titan for a long, long time. GM Jon Robinson – in a genius move – signed Casey to a fair deal for both sides prior to end of Casey’s current deal. Before the market is reset by top Defensive Linemen Aaron Donald, the Titans keep their guy and save money in the long run. Casey – one of the most productive, yet overlooked Defensive Linemen in the game – earned every cent. He also stated this year is the strongest he’s ever felt. A stronger Casey? Look for #99 to make a living in the backfield this season.

No Cobwebs for Marcus Mariota

Titan fans can exhale, as Mariota hasn’t shown any lingering effects from the season ending injury last season. He has been decisive in the pocket and has moved around well. Mariota will utilize training camp to build trust and confidence in his leg, which is great. Having so many weapons to play with will turn making plays with his legs from a necessity to a luxury. This season will be Mariota’s biggest yet.

Davis Holdout Short-Lived

The rookie receiver’s hold out didn’t last long – thankfully, as Davis and the Titans agreed to terms on his rookie contract. From all the reports I’ve read and the limited video clips I’ve seen, the rookie should be special to watch. Today, a video was posted of him making a juggling circus catch over solid coverage of CB LeShaun Sims. The video showed his vertical range and catch focus, which both will grow throughout the training camp.

Decker Sure-Handed Vet

No signs of injury showing thus far. Decker has looked impressive through the clips I’ve seen and the content I’ve read, he will be a great acquisition and a reliable set of hands heading into the season. Not only have his drops been limited, but he’s mentoring younger players. Decker’s feel at his position and the experience he brings will exude and spread to his teammates.

Taywan Taylor is For Real

This kid has looked like a stud. He’s had limited work with Mariota, but has really shined in the one-on-one drills from what I’ve read and watched on video. Taylor’s knack for getting open and securing the ball will buy him more playing time this season. He looks very fast on tape and his adjustments in and out of his routes are brain scrambling for defenders.

Dodd Healthy

Dodd is good to go, and so far reports on his training camp work have been positive. He seems to be in better spirits and his play reflects that. If he starts to show flashes of the National Championship Dodd, he’ll erase the “bust” label and could become a solid defensive piece. If Dodd is busting up QBs this fall, a lot of fans will be very pleased.

Walden and Walker Teammates

Four years ago, Walden ascended to the top of the list as one of the most loathed enemies of the Two-Tone Blue following the “headbutt heard ‘round the world” against helmet-less – and beloved – Titans TE Delanie Walker. Now, Walden joins the crew and is looking to let his play change the hearts of fans still holding a grudge. Both appear to be getting along fine, so if they’re cool fans are too. It will be interesting – however – to see how a training camp scuffle between Walden and Walker will be perceived if it happens. As long as Walden contributes to this team, he’ll have the full support of teammates and fans.

Nashville Energy

The energy of the team and commitment to winning is infectious. All the players seem unified mentally. In interviews, the focus is on shutting out the noise and winning football games. I love this mentality – it’s something the team hasn’t had in quite sometime. The comradery is building and each player truly believes that if all players do their job and do it to the best of their abilities, the team can do some great things this season.

Welcomed Problems

The Titans have some good problems – and this is awesome. I remember years when we were paper-thin at depth at a bevy of different positions. Now, the Titans have a crowded receiver room full of talent, the running back position is loaded, the Offensive Line is stacked and the younger guys like Levin and Seaton can be molded to fit the culture, Walden and Dodd ensure depth at linebacker, and the secondary is looking sharp. I mean, what more can you ask for? This team went from having concerns at multiple positions year in year out, but now most of the key spots are filled and loaded with talent.

Deep Offensive Firepower

The fact that the Titans are deep at the skill positions plays right into the hands of OC Terry Robiski and Mike Mularkey’s “Exotic Smashmouth”. The pace of the offense will remain steady and constant, which will make it difficult for defenses to keep up. A guaranteed fresh set of legs at running back and fresh pair of hands from both receivers and tight ends will keep defenses on their toes. With multiple motions and pre-snap adjustments, covering the Titans will be a headache for even the best defensive teams.

Final Thoughts

Everything from Titans’ camp is radiating with positive vibes. Once the cloud of the Davis holdout cleared, there was literally nothing negative to report. The mentality is unified. The focus is shared. The belief may be at an all time high. It’s great to be a Titans fan heading into the 2017 NFL Season!

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