TITANS SEASON PREVIEW: A Fiery December means January Football

The Titans offense flourishes in December and they put the rest of the AFC – and the NFL – on notice.


The Titans offense continues to ascend to one of the most sudden – threatening offensive units in the league. They are multidimensional – as the can pass the ball, run the rock and they have a QB who can do both.

December doesn’t cool off the nationally recognized team from Tennessee. They’re going to the playoffs – and nobody is going to get in their way.

Week 13: Houston Texans

Previous Opponent: Baltimore Ravens

Titans Previous Opponent: Indianapolis Colts

Titans Texans Football

December 3, 2017 – The Titans return to Nashville to host the Texans in the second showdown of the season. After an embarrassing performance against the Colts in Indy, the Titans make this division match-up a statement game.

The offensive line leads the charge as both Watt and Clowney struggle to get to Mariota. Aggressive defensive playcalling works in the Titans favor. Receivers are making plays all over the field and Henry has a big game.

Tennessee proves they are the team to beat in the division. They win by two scores.

Final: TEN 31 – HOU 13 (TEN 8-4)

Week 14: @Arizona Cardinals

Previous Opponent: Los Angeles Rams

Titans Previous Opponent: Houston Texans

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans

December 10, 2017 – Mariota and company take the show on the road. The Titans head to the desert with a hot offense. A tough Cardinal defense will play a competitive game, but the amount of receivers and running backs making plays is too much.

Palmer can’t stay upright as Casey and Orakpo keep pushing through the creases and putting him on his back. His age shows during this game, and Kevin Byard will record his first career pick 6.

Titans stay hot in December and beat the heat – and the Cardinals.

Final: TEN 28-ARI 10 (TEN 9-4)

Week 15: @San Francisco 49ers

Previous Opponent: Houston Texans

Titans Previous Opponent: Arizona Cardinals

Delanie Walker

December 17, 2017 –  The Titans play their second back to back away game. The 49ers defense – at this point in the season – will be one of the top defenses in the league. Well, at least on the defensive line and linebacker position.

San Francisco’s offense struggles to put up points and is harassed by the Titans all game long. The Niners secondary can’t handle Davis, Delanie, and Decker – who habitually get open and make plays. The Titans come out on top – but Foster and friends leave their marks.

Titans leave with a win and ice up as they prepare for the final two games of the season – both of which are at home.

Final: TEN 24-SF 13 (TEN 10-4)

Week 16: Los Angeles Rams

Previous Opponent: Seattle Seahawks

Titans Previous Opponent: San Francisco 49ers


December 24, 2017 – One year removed from the worst Christmas present any Titans fan could ask for. Last season, this was the date that Tennessee got a big, steamy lump of…coal. With playoff hopes on the line, the unthinkable happens. Mariota goes down with a broken leg and just like that – playoff hopes vanished.

Not this year. The Titans are one of the top offenses in the league. They are in full control of their destiny. The chemistry of Mariota and his offensive weapons has the Rams defense scratching their heads. The offensive line will put all focus on Aaron Donald – and will do absolutely anything to keep Donald as far away from Mariota as possible.

The Titans go up big early – and Mariota exits the game by Mularkey’s call to keep his franchise QB healthy. Backups get meaningful reps and Henry outshines Todd Gurley.

The starters watch as the Titans beat up on the Rams and clinch the AFC South. It’s a Merry Christmas in Nashville and for Titans fans around the world.

Final: TEN 34-LA 14 (TEN 11-4)

Week 17: Jacksonville Jaguars

Previous Opponent: San Francisco 49ers

Titans Previous Opponent: Los Angeles Rams


December 31, 2017 – Mariota doesn’t play this game. But, THIS IS GREAT.

Mariota sits this one out. Other starters get some rest as the 3rd place AFC South Jaguars head to Nashville on New Year’s eve. Unable to play the role of the spoiler, this game is pretty much reps for the Titans second string.

The Jaguars play their last meaningful game of the 2017 NFL Season and get the win.

The Titans will prepare to host a home game in the playoffs for the first time in 9 long years.

Final: TEN 17-JAX 24 (TEN 11-5)


2018 signals the first time the Titans were playing meaningful January football. The last time was the nightmare that was the 2008 Baltimore Raven robbery. But – the past will remain in the past. Good things are on the horizon.

Congratulations to GM Jon Robinson, Head Coach Mike Mularkey, and Owner Amy Adams Strunk for assembling a team the Titans fans will fall in love with for years to come.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans

Depending on who shows up to Nashville, the Titans and the city of Nashville will be blazing. Tennessee could find themselves playing more than one game in January.

Titan Up!

***I do not claim any credit for the photographs featured in the above post. All credit goes to the respective author(s). All game predictions are the sole opinion of this author***


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