Decker vs AFC South

Decker Watch is Over!

Decker VS Titans

It’s official! The Tennessee Titans have signed Wide Receiver Eric Decker on a 1 year deal. This is a low-risk deal for the Titans, which is perfect. Decker will add another dimension to this offense.

I wanted to know what impact Decker will have this season. Below are his stats against the AFC South. Decker played against the AFC South in 15 total contests. His rookie season he was active in all 4 meetings with the AFC South division but did not log any stats. So in total, he’s registered statistics in 11 total regular season meetings.

Stats Vs Colts Vs Jaguars Vs Texans Vs Titans
Yards 247 129 348 339
Receptions 16 11 22 29
Touchdowns 2 1 2 2
Yard Per Catch 15.43 11.72 15.81 11.68

Below are his Total Statistics vs AFC South (minus Titans)

Yards Receptions Yards Per Catch Touchdowns
724 49 14.77 5

Decker will replace Kendall Wright as a  veteran in this offense. Below is what Decker will be replacing by the numbers. Wright’s career totals vs AFC South.

Yards Receptions Yards Per Catch Touchdowns
1332 111 12 7

In 5 years with the team, Kendall Wright contributions from an offensive standpoint were minimal. Over the last two seasons with Marcus Mariota at the helm, one assumed Wright’s production would increase. It didn’t.

Combined Stats (2015-16) Yards Receptions Yards Per Catch Touchdowns
  345 31 11.12 2

Considering Decker did not have as many opportunities as Wright, it is fair to say he will contribute just as much if not more.

Titan Up!

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